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Our team at Columbia Kinder College understands that childhood comes once in a lifetime. Our goal is to help your child enjoy these formative years to the fullest while mastering the developmental tools and social skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives. Located in Columbia, IL, we’re committed to remaining the top choice for day care in the region.

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Programs for Ages Infant to Six Years

We’ve sought out and employed certified and educated teachers with extensive early childhood training and experience to nurture every kid. From infants to preschoolers, we’ve developed specific guidelines and curriculums for each age level. Foreign language, sign language, computer skills, gymnastics/creative movement, and horticulture experiences in our greenhouse are just some of the extra activities that will fill a typical Columbia Kinder College day.

Toddler Graduating


We’ll take care of your tiny kiddo with the absolute highest commitment to safety. You can even check in throughout the day using personalized classroom emails and webcams. Our day care staff is highly trained and certified to care for our infant class.


Toddlers can enjoy their time with us by engaging in play and learning about the world around them. By being surrounded by other children their age, they’ll learn vital social skills and how to build friendships.

Juniors, Seniors, Masters (3-6 Years): 

Preschool-aged children can begin to prepare for the rest of their school days with us. By the time they reach their masters classes, they’ll be ready to take on kindergarten with confidence. Day care is a fantastic way to get young kids ready for the future.

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Are you ready to enroll your child in the region’s top day care experience? Call Columbia Kinder College today, and we’ll walk you through the process. We can even schedule a tour of our child care facility to put your mind at ease.

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