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At Columbia Kinder College, you’ll never be left wondering what your child is up to during the day. Our child care center has indoor and outdoor webcams both in the classrooms and on the playground so you can check in. Located in Columbia, IL, our day care facility offers a wide range of wonderful features for the benefit of the kids.


Cherry Building (Infants, Toddlers, & Playgrounds)


Plum Building (Toddler's & 2's)


Preschool Building (Preschoolers)

Columbia kinder college facility

Buildings for Each Age Level

We have separate buildings for each age level of child care. The first is for infants and toddlers, better known as freshmen and sophomores. The second is for the upperclassmen (aka juniors, seniors, and masters). Keeping the kiddos separate ensures their safety and allows staff to keep a closer eye on each group. Each morning, we offer curbside drop-off services for our upperclassmen, making it both quick and convenient for parents.

Dining/Activity Room

When it’s time for breakfast, lunch, or snacks, Columbia Kinder College offers our own dining room separate from the classrooms. By preparing meals in our own kitchen, we can assure parents that their children will get the proper nutrients while catering to those who have special diets and/or food allergies. When not being used as a dining room, we transform this area into the activity room where special activities such as tumbling/gymnastics, painting, sculpting, and dancing take place.

CKC Playgrounds

At Columbia Kinder College, we know the outdoors is an ideal environment for promoting gross motor development. This is why we offer separate, age-appropriate playground areas varying in skill levels to promote balance, perceptual judgment, and coordination. We’ve installed cushioned bounce-back tiles under and around our commercial equipment, which are necessary for protecting children from falls. Our child care center offers adult supervision that will encourage social and physical development. Vinyl privacy fencing surrounds the playgrounds to ensure safety and security. In addition to our playgrounds,  we also provide outdoor areas for seasonal gardening activities. 

Kids on Slide

Reach Out Today!

We’re always excited to hear from parents who are interested in our child care program for their kids. Reach out to Columbia Kinder College today and give your child an exciting new future in our care. From infants to preschool-aged children, we’re prepared to keep your kids safe and happy all day long.

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